Jessica Gitney – Director of Licensing

As the author’s daughter, I was at first skeptical about writing a review that someone might think was done for my dad.  But, after finishing this book, I am compelled to write the following:

This book, which I now refer to as my workbook for success, is so well written it works for beginner entrepreneurs and veterans across a wide range of demographics. Jim’s MIG and tiered strategy to building a successful internal platform, is critical to a start up’s success. His evaluation on your current business is imperative to foster growth in a dynamic and continuously changing economic environment. I read through the book like I was being cheered on by a coach training me for success. It is full of years of wisdom and thought-provoking questions, ideas, strategies and observations from his wins and missteps over this career. I have already implemented many of the The Business Hierarchy of Needs® into my startup company and the middle market design company I work for. From understanding customer awareness to not being scared to take risks for success, this read is a value add at all levels!

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