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During the process of implementing your unique Business Hierarchy of Needs®, there may be times when you want more information or want some outside assistance. My consulting firm Group50® Consulting, has put together a series of support resources for you to leverage as you go through your journey. Your company may not have or want to acquire subject-matter experts for all areas of this process and will want to engage outside resources to provide more insight, facilitate specific workshops, do training on critical skills or lead the entire strategic planning process. We also can continue as strategic advisors during implementation. Use as much or as little of these resources as you see fit. These workshops can be done in person or virtual, but several of them should be done in person. Linked workshops have a syllabus and others are unique for every organization and will be developed based on your needs.  You can find out more by sending a note to or calling Group50® Consulting at +1 (909) 949-9083.

Workshops and Topics of Interest

Level 1 of the Business Hierarchy of Needs®

  1. Introduction to the Business Hierarchy of Needs® by Jim Gitney
  2. Creating a “Culture of Strategic Execution™” Workshop
  3. Mission, Vision, Values and Leadership Traits
  4. Leadership Traits Development is a subset of #3 and is customized to client needs
  5. Strategic Execution Assessment
  6. Developing a Strategic Plan utilizing Group50’s Strategic Planning Playbook
  7. Creating a MIG for your organization and other stakeholders
  8. Group50® Strategic Planning Playbook
  9. Creating a Value Proposition
  10. Product and Services Ideation Workshop
  11. “Where to Play” and “How to Win” – Introduction to this strategic planning methodology
  12. Identifying operating gaps and strategic gaps
  13. Goal Setting Throughout the Organization
  14. Training and application of tools for Level 1: SWOT, PEST, Five Forces, etc.

Level 2

  1. Cascading Objectives
  2. Integrated Talent Management Workshop
  3. Organizational Effectiveness and Design Assessment
  4. Change Management
  5. Compensation and Benefits Practices
  6. Organization Design Workshop
  7. Developing Learning Maps
  8. Employee Onboarding

Level 3

  1. Creating the Business Case for a Continuous Improvement Program
  2. Utilizing Continuous Improvement in the Implementation of the Business Hierarchy of Needs®
  3. Lean Business Assessment
  4. Implementing Continuous Improvement
  5. Value Stream Mapping
  6. Brown Paper Exercise
  7. Kaizen

Resources that can be downloaded

  1. Business Hierarchy of Needs® implementation workbook
  2. “Where To Play – “How To Win” Strategy Overview Template
  3. Project charters worksheet
  4. Cascading Objectives

Links from the book for additional information

  1. Anti-Strategy – A series of articles on how Anti-Strategy negatively impacts organizations.
  2. Business Hierarchy of Needs® – A 30-minute video by the author explaining the Business Hierarchy of Needs® .
  3. Mitigating Multiple Risk – An article on the impact to Enterprise Value by mitigating risk.
  4. Market Effectiveness – An article on the responsibilities of the teams in a business who are responsible for interfacing with their served markets and customers.
  5. Group50’s Lean Business Assessment – An assessment of the applications of Lean Thinking in a business
  6. Value Stream Mapping – The process of identifying improvement opportunities in complex business processes and across the supply chain
  7. Kaizen – a powerful team-based process that utilizes process owners to redesign their own processes
  8. Learning Maps – An article on the importance of developing learning maps and skills matrices inside an organization.
  9. Brown Paper Exercise – A process for defining workflows and identifying waste, shadow systems, lag times, errors and improvement opportunities – RedOps.
  10. Inflection point – An article describing how companies need to reinvent themselves every time they double in size.

Other References:

  1. Source: Gallup. For more details, see Gallup’s 2020 meta-analysis, The Relationship Between Engagement at Work and Organizational Outcomes: 2020 Q12® Meta-Analysis: 10th Edition. Reprinted with permission.
  2. Unveiling The 2020 Zeno Strength of Purpose Study | Zeno (
  3. A Powerful Culture Starts With You written by Dr. Shahrzad Nooravi

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