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Jim Gitney has over 45 years of operating experience in corporate America and as the CEO of Group50® Consulting. He learned his trade with companies such as GE, Stanley Black & Decker, Sunbeam and over 200 companies ranging from startups to multibillion dollar publicly traded companies during the last 18 years of consulting. He has held positions in leadership his entire career. He has been on boards of directors, in the C-suite and managed manufacturing, marketing, engineering, quality and a host of other functional organizations. During that time, he always saw that a lack of strategic alignment and agreement throughout the organizations he worked with as well as poorly executed technology and business processes were always the common denominator to failed strategies. Jim created the Business Hierarchy of Needs® in 2013 and has used it as the framework for designing and implementing strategy with great success since then. Strategy Realized – The Business Hierarchy of Needs® is his effort to collect the key learnings from the last 45 years and share them with you as a step-by-step process for turning strategy to results.

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